Newsletter No.27– 21st August 2019

Welcome to our next Newsletter and I hope you find it informative. We have battled through some bitterly cold weather of late but there have been the stalwarts of our golfing fraternity still get out and brave the conditions while our Bowlers stay at home by the fire or head north to a warmer climate. (Are the Bowlers the smart ones)


If you have not already paid your membership it is now overdue. Prompt payment would be appreciated.

Bowling News

Bowls season is fast approaching and there are some Tournaments coming up to help get you back into the swing again.

Sunday 1st September is the Terry White Triples event. Teams may be entered or single entries will be accepted.

Thursday 27th September is the Peg Coad Tournament.

Friday 27th September will be a practice match against Lake Boga.

If you haven’t as yet paid your Subs. could you please do so as soon as possible.

There is a list on the Board in the clubrooms if you need a new shirt or jacket.

Remember, Bowling is good exercise so join in and have fun.

Coming Events

We are now coming into the busy part of the season for bowlers and golfers. We will try to keep you up to date with these as they come around. Keep an eye out for emails and text messages. Please let us know if your details have changed.

Course Projects

Our course is currently in excellent condition and we have enjoyed greens of the highest quality all year. No doubt the greatest achievement this year has been the development of our new 1st green. Some of you may not have even played on it yet.

Our practise fairways project continues to develop under the control of Jeff Williams. Two sections were planted out over summer with more to be developed this summer.

Water continues to be a worry for the Club, with allocation always at risk. We carry over 15 megs to the new season.

Other Projects

Two major projects were approved by the committee at its last meeting. The work shed is to receive a major extension and the bar is to be renovated and a new cool room added. There will be some inconvenience to members while the latter is being done but we will try to keep this to a minimum.

Thursday Golf

It is always a fun day and the golf is not taken as serious as it is on a Saturday in most cases. Numbers have been down a little in the last couple of months mainly due to some members heading north for a warmer climate and of course some not very friendly weather.

Golf Club Championships

Ladies Wed 18th, 25th Sept and 2nd Oct.

Men’s Sat 19th,26th Oct and 2nd Nov

Premier League

The Premier league will be resumed this year if we can get at least 6 teams. It can only be hoped that this competition will still be run as it is be a lot of fun. Please put your team names on the on the sheet provided on the notice board. The teams can be mixed comprising 6 players. A team from the Ladies would be most welcome. Two teams (Hogan’s Heroes and Ned’s Nerds)have already entered their teams so get your heads together golfers and help us get this great format up and continue running.

The closing date for team entries is the 16th of September

Twilight Golf

Twilight Golf will commence on Tuesday 12th November (week after Melbourne Cup) Players can hit off any time after 4.00pm.

Green Fees

It has been noted that some non-members of the public are using our course without paying their green fees. If you see people playing and know they are not members, you are entitled to ask them in a polite way if they have paid their green fees. If you as a member invite guests along for a round of golf it is your responsibility to ensure that they pay the necessary fees.

Practice Fairway

It is great to see that many members are now making use of the practise fairway in an effort to improve their golf. There are sand buckets available at the site so please repair your divots. We expect to plant out another section prior to Christmas.


Caravans and Motorhomes are continuing to visit our club and enjoying their stay. Even over the winter period they are still coming. Please make them welcome as they are a great advertisement for our club and many are now participating in our golf and bowling. It is a great revenue raiser for the club and helps to pay for the many improvements we are making on the course.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Golf Club will be held in the clubrooms on Monday 16th September at 7:30pm Please attend and support your club. If you wish to join the Committee there are nomination forms on the notice board. It’s always to get new blood and new ideas.

Volunteers Needed

The club is looking for some volunteer barmen to man the bar each night from 5pm to 6:30 pm. It is hoped that if we get enough volunteers you may be only rostered on once a fortnight. Please give this some consideration and contact Sambo for further information.

Just Joking

Remember the days when people used to write in their diaries and get mad when someone would read them.

Now they put everything on Facebook and go mad when people don’t read them.

Pharmacist to a customer, “Sir, Please understand that to buy anti depression pills you need a proper prescription. Simply by showing your marriage certificate and your wife’s picture is not enough.


Message from a wife: Dear mother- in- law, Don’t tell me how to raise my children. I am married to one of yours and he needs a lot of improving.


There are 3 kinds of men in the world. Some remain single and make wonders happen. Some have girlfriends and see wonders happen. The rest get married and wonder what happened.


A prospective husband in a book store, “Do you have a book called “Husband, the Master of the House”???

Sales girl, “Sir, “Fiction and Comics are on the 2nd floor


Insurance Quotes (Actual Quotes)

Coming home, I drove into the wrong house and collided with a tree that I don’t have.

The other car collided with mine without giving any warning of its intentions.

I collided with a stationary truck coming the other way

The guy was all over the road and I had to swerve a number of times before I hit him.

I had been driving for forty years when I fell asleep at the wheel and had an accident.

I was thrown from my car as it left the road. I was later found by some stray cows in a ditch.

The indirect cause of this accident was a small guy in a little car with a big mouth.

Good Golfing and Bowling– Ron Schultze